The Knowledge Society Learning, Training and Development are the key resources of the 21st century. While traditional learning in schools and unviersities is still limited, Distant Learning Technologies provide learning and training to all citiziens of the planet. Hi-Tec-Motivation is a key technology, developed to enhance learning and training to foster the development of both individual and communities. Hi-Tec-Motivation transforms verbal content of learning and training into digital soundtracks. The enriched sounds can be applied any time any where, creating a virtual learning and training space, that multiply the outcome of learning, training and development.   Hi-Tec-Motivation was rated “highly efficient” by McKinsey & Co. and awarded with a Gold Medal at Tesla Innovation Festival by the Jury of University Novisad and UN WIPO. The company`s vision of a sustainable global society was honored “highly commended” by the Schumpeter Award of University St. Gallen, Switzerland.   21st Century Learning, Training & Development digital solutions for a new dimension  © HMS Consulting Group 2011 Click on image for a full detailed powerpoint presentation. We provide educational institutions with a wide variety of services. Please apply for a non obligation pilot phase. Founder, Heiko Martens- Scholz, entrepreneur and innovator  for explains the company`s vision of a sustainable global society.   Approved Member of the Integrity Seal of Educators